Instrumap automatically turns folders of multi-samples into keygroups for Akai Force and MPC:

  • Pitch mapping based on sample name
  • Up to 8 velocity layers
  • Sample loop information
  • Supports MacOS (Mojave and newer) and Windows 10
  • Free updates (until v2.0)
  • Update v0.9.4: basic support for converting EXS24 programs
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Instrumap’s price is likely to increase after v1.0. It works well now but there may be occasional bugs (but please let me know if you find any).


  • Duuude this was magical. Tried it out with the 101 From Mars and it worked like a charm… Thanks a ton for this, best $4 I’ve spent in a while. [via Reddit]
  • As a recent MPC One purchaser as well as Samples From Mars whole collection purchaser, I find this to be a godsend! [via Email]
  • Detailed comparison to Preset Maker
  • Thank you for creating this tool! This is a lifesaver. [another Redditor]
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