This is a collection of useful stuff for your MPC or Force - just some of my personal favourites. I’ll add stuff as I think of it.

Web Pages

  • Amit Talwars Online Apps – Amit has put up a bunch of cool apps. There are several for Force specifically and some for MPC (and a few other cool things). Amit is constantly updating and adding really cool stuff.


Elektronauts is ostensibly for people with Elektron gear but it’s a really nice community that discusses lots of other gear:


  • /r/AkaiForce – quite a nice (but small) Reddit community for Force.

  • /r/mpcusers – the MPC Reddit is much bigger than the one for Force!


  • Tom Nice Things – Tom has lots of tutorials for Force.

  • Marlow Digs (MPC Head) – Marlow Digs does tutorials for MPCs (and sampling etc in general); lots of this applies equally to Force.

  • Accurate Beats – Accurate mostly covers MPC and Maschine and other samplers.