This is a list of the sample libraries that have been tested with Instrumap (as of v0.9.4). Some libraries are difficult/impossible to completely map as the information in the filenames or sample metadata (or both!) is wrong.

It is important to know that most sample libraries come with detailed programs for Ableton Live, Kontakt, EXS24, etc. Instrumap does not map that programming to keygroups - just the raw the samples. There is EXS24 support but that does not (yet) include panning, envelopers, fine tuning…


These libraries have been tested and work well. There may be some small issues I didn’t notice in testing.

Native Instruments

Note: not all expansions have multi-samples. Listed here are those that I own and have tested.

  • Machine Expansion Selection
  • Deep Matter
  • Drop Squad
  • Indigo Dust
  • London Grit
  • Lucid Mission
  • Velvet Lounge
  • Decoded Forms (since 0.9.4)

Samples From Mars

  • 101 From Mars
  • 2600 From Mars
  • DX100 From Mars
  • Kawaii Dreams From Mars
  • Mini From Mars
  • MS10 From Mars
  • OB From Mars
  • S612 From Mars
  • SID From Mars
  • SK1 From Mars
  • Soviet Synths From Mars
  • SYS100M From Mars
  • Voyetra From Mars
  • VP330 From Mars
  • Wasp From Mars


  • Grainscapes
  • Juniper Part 2
  • Phonik
  • … others


  • Real Strings Vol 3
  • LA Trap
  • Retro Electronic


Lots of other stuff:

  • Loopop Superbooth 2021 Sample Pack (all multisample instruments except Nymphes 5 OuterSpace)
  • Freak Music Vocalise 2
  • Voyage Chilled Trip Hop
  • Jazz Sessions
  • (pads work nicely, expect everything else does too)
  • Cuckoo’s Best Piano Collection (via .exs support)

Contact me if there’s something you’d like that doesn’t work.

Limited Support

These libraries have been tested and work to some extent but with some issues. Many of these will be improved (if not fixed) in the future.

Native Instruments

  • Chromatic Fire: Stylophone not processed
  • Elastic Thump: some bass and plucked sounds incorrectly mapped
  • Lone Forest: incorrect note mapping
  • Maschine 2 Factory Library: this is a large library, much of it works very well but I’ve not tested everything yet so maybe some issues
  • Platinum Bounce: some sounds incorrectly pitched
  • Solar Breeze: issues with guitar sounds
  • Rising Crescent: mostly good, not all pitches mapped correctly for all sounds, velocity inverted in some cases

Not Working

These libraries simply do not work well - Instrumap may produce keygroups but they’re likely of limited use.

Samples From Mars

  • Micro From Mars: not properly detected (fix coming)
  • Arp Omni From Mars: not properly detected (fix coming)


  • PM-8910
  • Phaseform Vol 2: note pitches are mapped incorrectly for most instruments (fix coming)


You may also want to read about known issues and limitations.

Disclaimer: all brands, trademarks and product names remain the property of their respective owners. Instrumap and myself, Mark Butcher, are in no way affiliated with any of the other companies or products listed on this page.

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