Despite my best efforts there are a few limitations and bugs. I try to prioritise issues that are affecting users so please let me know if anything is affecting you. This page is like a minimal bug tracker for Instrumap.

There is a detailed list of everything I’ve tested on the compatibility page.


  • notes below C-1 are not detected (fixed in next release)
  • audio previews click/pop when switching between samples or stopping


Library Support

EXS24 Support

There is very basic support for EXS24. Currently it supports the same kind of things that works for inferring samples from .wav files. It does not currently support panning, fine-tuning, filters, envelopes, etc.

Force v3.1

Force v3.1.1 introduced a range of bugs which affect users with large keygroups (probably you, if you use Instrumap). I think it’s reasonable to


One of these is that when loading some keygroups files the envelopes are not set correctly. If you have notes ringing out and seeming to ignore envelopes then there are two remedies:

  1. Update to Instrumap 0.9.4 (or newer) and recreate the keygroup.
  2. Workaround:
  • Edit your keygroup, go to the Global tab, change from “Note On” to “One Shot”"
  • Go to the amp envelope (make sure all keygroups are selected) set Hold to 0%
  • Go back to the Global tab and change it back to “Note On”

Load/Save Times

Force v3.1.1 has dramatically increased load and save times for projects and keygroups. This can be very inconvenient. I’ve seen load times ~15 minutes or more loading projects that use about 50% of device RAM. Apart from the inconvenience there is a crash to be aware of. Here is how I encountered it and I’ve carefully avoided anything that might trigger in since:

  1. I had a track with a large keygroup loaded (e.g. one of the Samples from Mars groups with multiple velocities)
  2. I wanted to try a different sound so browse to another large keygroup and load that
  3. The force will freeze it’s been like this at least since v3.0.6 but in v3.1.1 the time has increased from a few seocnds to several minutes. This is OK (sort of) so long as you don’t do anything while it’s frozen!

While it is frozen, it is “unloading” the current keygroup, it’s natural to try and do something to get a response while it is stuck. I strongly recommend you DO NOT DO THAT as you will corrupt memory. In my case I was able to switch to a different track. When it unfroze (eventually) the track I’d switched to was replaced and while the other track was still visible it had been unloaded. I think at this point I was screwed no matter what I did but I decided to delete the track I’d tried to replace and then it crashed entirely.

NOTE: Force v3.1.2 was released recently. I will update this note after testing.

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